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Newsletter | April - May | 2017

Shalom, I am pleased to send the newsletter of the association, reviewing the April & May. I will appreciate to get your feedback.
Mendi Belinizki

The Military Secretary to the President visited the Association

The military secretary of the president Brig. Gen. Boaz Hershkowitz, visited the Horse Ranch and the Regesh Treatment Center together with his office team. He met with soldiers of “Special in Uniform” and the graduates of the program, who were integrated in the project of the “Nature Watch Rangers”. The soldiers gave him as a souvenir a map (Matzah cover) on which the emblem of “Special in Uniform” was knitted.

The Rangers received an Honor Certificate from the Police

80 Families Spent a Wonderful Weekend in a Tiberias Hotel

A recreation weekend that became a tradition. Every year the association organizes a weekend of recreation and relaxation, on the Shabbat during the Pesach holiday. The purpose is to provide the participants a refreshing retreat during the most stressful time of the year. This time the program took place in the Bali hotel in Tiberias. There were 500 participants! They were headed by a team of about 100 female volunteers who took care of the special children. This way they enabled the parents the rest they needed so much.

The Ceremony of Awarding Scholarships to Students

The “Aharon Scholarship” granted college scholarships to about 150 students. Each of them coaches one child with special needs for one year.
The ceremony in Nes Ziona where the scholarships were granted, was attended by the program partners and sponsors: The chairman of the Israel lottery (Mifal HaPais), Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan, mayor of Nes Ziona Mr. Yossi Shvo, the founder of the program Mr. Ron Aharon, from the Spotoption company, and the deputy director of “Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad” Ms. Tali Hayat, who manages the program.

Training Course for Coaches to Parents of Children with Special Needs

The organization named “Hineni” of “Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad” association started a cooperation with the “Nitzan” organization. A training course was launched to coach parents of children with special needs. Dozens of women, who came to the first meeting, proved the need for this program. Therefore, soon additional courses will be opened.

Empowerment Evening to Mothers of Children of the Association

The investment in mothers of children with special needs has already proven to be very beneficial. Therefore, every year we conduct several evenings for the empowerment of mothers. The evening which this time took place in Kfar Chabad, received warm feedbacks.

Inauguration of a Recreation Room for Children with Special Needs in Afula

In Afula, a recreation room for children with special needs was inaugurated in the “Beit Ma’asim Tovim” (house of good deeds), in memory of Gabi and Rivki Holzberg H.Y.D., who were Chabad Shluchim in Mumbai. They were murdered in the horrible terror attack eight years ago. Little Moissi, the boy who survived the horror, was the first one to enjoy the facility. We were all very moved to be a part of this venture.

Three Recreation Days for Mothers at the Haifa Hostel

The Pessach holiday came and went, and all a mother needs, is a little recreation and relaxation, to escape the everyday stress. We were happy to provide this retreat to 25 mothers to children with special needs, who came and enjoyed three days at our Haifa hostel. “Because you only have one mother”

Special in Uniform news

Israel TV Channel 2 reports about the Conscription of Tal and Shachar

The Prime Minister in a Moving Post on International Autism Day

Soldiers of “Special in Uniform” at Ceremonies of the Memorial Day

Our soldiers participated at the Memorial Day ceremony at the “German Colony” in Jerusalem. They participated in the honorary march during the ceremony. Many shed tears, when our soldiers were invited to lay the wreaths of the IDF.

The “Independence Movie” of Omer Lahat

A Touching Article in the Jerusalem Post

Ricki Golan on Cover-Page of JNF-Magazine “Beyachad”

20 of our Soldiers returned from Italy Tour after Military Service

20 young people who graduated from the “Special in Uniform” service in the IDF last year, went on a ten-day holiday in Europe after the completion of their military service. The tour was initiated by “Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad” association. They deserve it!

The Photo of the Month: Yarden Joined “Special in Uniform”

Yarden, a charming young woman with cerebral palsy joined the “Special in Uniform” this month. On her first day at the IDF base she was very excited to meet Omer Lahat, a childhood friend she hadn’t seen in many years. We wish her all the best!

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