Vision and Goals

The Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad, “Lend a Hand to Special Child” association strives to provide the population with special needs in Israel a full, independent life and to the families the best professional tools, assistance and guidance.

The uniqueness of our organization, apart from the direct activity for the population with special needs, is the focus on the families, their parents and siblings, who are a warm and loving base as well as a leverage for the advancement and personal development of these children, for their future integration in the community until they establish a home of their own.


Guiding Principles and Values

We believe that every person, especially one with special needs deserves an equal opportunity to realize the personal potential, and it is for this purpose that we are working to provide the children and their families with the necessary tools to achieve a comfortable, independent life, advancement and realization of their dreams.

These values are a daily guiding light for us, encouraging us to improve and expand our activities.


The Wonderful Vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad association established by Rabbi Shlomo Meidanchik, who was the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s ambassador to Israel, operates in accordance with the Rebbe’s teachings outlined in a letter from 1979 to Dr. Robert Wilkes, a senior social worker and activist for children with special needs in New York.

In his letter, the Rebbe urges professionals to act under the premise that the existing retardation of the children they observe is temporary, and that in time significant improvements are possible, thus ignoring the gloomy forecasts of experts. The Rebbe states that this is a prerequisite for success and that he has no doubts that many far-reaching improvements will occur.

This premise should remain not only in our perceptions, but, the Rebbe asks, should be transferred to the children verbally as well through working with them, so that they will not feel as “cases” and certainly not unhappy and hopeless, but rather as experiencing a temporary difficulty that with the point efforts of educators and students it is possible to accelerate the long awaited improvements.

The Rebbe’s unique understanding of these children goes far beyond sensitivity and natural human compassion. The Rebbe looked inward, into the depth of their souls, into the place where they are equal to other children. The “special” body may be different, unusual, but the soul is pure and as such, needs everything that the sole of any child needs.

The Rebbe’s vision was the same as that of the founder of the Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchadassociation and is also our heritage!!!

Looking into the Future

In Israel, more than 300,000 people are diagnosed each year as having special needs.
The “Lend a Hand to the Special Child” association plans to expand the distribution of its branches throughout the country, in order to reach each and every family.

We invite you to join in our activities, made possible by the generosity and support of donors, volunteers and partners.

Together with G-d’s help, we will make a difference.