Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Bar / Bat Mitzvah

A unique project in the framework of which the Association conducts an exciting celebration for children with special needs, including those with more complex physical or mental conditions, together with family members and friends.

For the Bar Mitzvah groom, a celebration is arranged at the Western Wall, which involves the ritual of putting on phylacteries and being called up to read from the Torah, combined with creative solutions for dumb children.

For Bat Mitzvah brides, a festive party with singers and artists is organized – beyond what is done for a normal child.

Any such event causes great excitement to everyone, especially the family, and causes the boy or girl an indescribable joy.

In addition, as a result of the cooperation with the IDF, the Bar Mitzvah groom and the Bat Mitzvah bride take part in a "Journey to the sky" – an especially exciting event that includes a flight over the Masada, a lift to the historic site on the cable-railway and meal together with the soldiers.