Carmela & Avraham Shabbat

The renovation of the Haifa Hostel was donated by Mr. Chezi Shabbat and his family in memory of his late parents Avraham & Carmela Shabbat A.H.

(Alehem haShalom / Blessed be their memory)


Carmela Shabbat 1931 – 2012

An amazing woman, beautiful, caring, assertive and motherly. She married at age of 12. With 15 years she gave birth to their first son. She put a lot of effort in raising her children and kept the family nest based on good values. She was the family anchor. Her open house, warm hospitality and good food brought good cheer and happiness.

When her own children grew up she took care of other children as well. She was considered the best kindergartener, so she had a long waiting list. She loved life and life loved her. She focused on doing good and making things possible for others. She had determination and perseverance. She did not make allowances for herself.

She died on the family day having all her children around her bed. She urged them to stay united and to take care of each other. She was a true hero and a source for inspiration.

Avraham Shabbat 1922 – 2002

A strong man, man of faith, a handsome man and a charming and sensitive father who loved his children. As a youth and as a grown-up man in Iraq he managed a clothing store, with which he made a living for himself, his wife and his parents.

When he came to Israel he worked in various jobs, became a guard and opened a vegetable shop in the garden of their house serving his neighbors. Avraham was very generous and gladly shared with others. Being a strong man and well-known for his sense of justice many people from his family and from his town came to him asking for advice and requested his involvement when they were looking for a compromise. He liked animals and raised horses, donkeys, rabbits, chickens and dogs in his backyard, which were his great passion. He built a big water pool for geese.

He suffered a stroke when he was 50. The doctors had little hope for him to survive. Carmela thought otherwise. Together the two of them fought for his life. He became a medical miracle and enjoyed life for 23 more years.