About the Project of "Circle of Grace"


In the framework of contributing to the community the “Yad LaYeled Hameyuchad” association connects students from all over Israel with children with special needs who live in their vicinity. The coaching student spends quality time with the child. All students specialize in the field of special education, so they have the professional tools to use the two hours to promote the child.


The coaching provided by the project includes a weekly meeting of two hours in which each student takes a child for various activities such as going to a nearby park to play together or visiting a shopping mall. The activities with the coaching student take place outside home in order to enrich the child with new interesting social experiences. Some activities take place at the Haifa Hostel facility of the association. This service enables the parents to have the time for errands, for rest, and to spend quality time with other family members.

The coaching instructors are students for BA or MA at recognized institutions of higher learning, who study fields related to special needs such as teachers for special education, social workers, paramedics etc. The association organizes professional workshops for the students where they can exchange experiences with each other.

Over the years of coaching, this close cooperation has often evolved into friendships between the students and the children, which continue long after the period of the formal coaching.