Animal Section

Animals and Friends

The Regesh Treatment Center of Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad – "Lend a Hand to the Special Child" – has a beautiful animal section, which includes goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, parrots, chickens and a small fish pond, which was established in memory of Amnon Lipkin-Shahak Z"L (Blessed be his Memory), who was a member of the board of the association, and was donated by his family.

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In addition, the Regesh Treatment Center also has a reptile section with a snake, a few turtles, a lizard, a snail, a gecko and a triton.

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This section was built in memory of the boy Evyatar Fodor Z"L, and was donated by his parents and family.

Zoo therapy is a therapeutic approach characterized by a patient interacting with animals to improve his mental wellbeing and quality of life. The emotional bond formed enables the patient to experience various emotions and conditions, thus allowing the therapist to monitor and interpret, discuss and process with the patient these experiences and how they are manifested in the patient's daily routine.

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