Therapeutic Garden

Connecting Man and Nature

The Regesh Treatment Center of Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad"Lend a Hand to the Special Child" – has a therapeutic garden, which includes a sand table for dyadic developmental therapy, a floating flower bed adapted for wheelchair bound children, a shaded planting area and a shaded sitting area for the parents waiting during the treatments.

The therapeutic garden method focuses on the emotional side of rehabilitation, tailored individually, alongside activities designed to help the parents to acquire new skills.


The physical aspect includes hand exercises and the use of specially tailored toys for the patients.

Some patients are referred for motoric exercises, muscle strengthening and control and challenging activities that are designed to allow the patients to experience success. One patient with one relatively weaker hand is exercising the other hand in order to strengthen the weak hand and will gradually progress to using larger equipment.


The treatment enables coping with and overcoming emotional and physical difficulties in a safe and supportive environment, in an individualized program and in consultation with the patient. It can challenge the patient as well as let the patient experience satisfation.