Snoezelen Room

Snoezelen – A Revolution in Sensory Stimulation

The children in the Regesh Treatment Center of Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad – "Lend a Hand to the Special Child" –  receive the most devoted, hands-on treatments from their therapists, in the hope that they will realize their potential to the highest degree and to prevent as much as possible illnesses that may significantly damage their quality of life.Snoezelen Therapy is one of the methods that is an integrative part of the treatment of the child with special needs. The method was developed in Holland about ten years ago and has since undergone significant technological improvents which lead to outstanding results in the treatment of of children suffering from various syndromes.

Snoezelen and Extra-Sensory Stimulation


Snoezelen is a synonym for extra sensory stimulation, which implies, even slightly, the immensity of this wonderful method, which is suitable for children with autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual challenges and other syndroms. The extra sensory experience is one that engages several senses simultaneouly in a compeltely neutralized environment that creates a separate reality and allows the opportunity to discover and explore the world in a safe and calm environment.

The Snoezelen room is built in such a way that enables the patient to experience all the senses simultaneously:

Sight: changing shapes, fiber optics, projectors, laser, changing colors and more.

Sound: changing integrative music, suitable for the patient’s placement and items he touches.

Touch: hot and cold, vibrations, shapes, furs, coarseness.


Balance: mattresses, pillows, mazes.