Excursions and Outings

excursionsDuring school vacations (the summer vacation), and during holidays (Hanukkah and Passover) children have no formal framework to spend the time. The “Yad LaYeled Hameyuchad“ association is aware of the need of families with children with disabilities to provide suitable solutions. Therefore, the association organizes dedicated vacation camps, trips and outings for children with special needs. These informal programs attract hundreds of children each year.

The children are inspired by exciting events and experience social interaction with new people, which enhances their development. They come back home smiling and happy instead of being lonely and bored at home. The parents are grateful for the enormous help in coping with the challenges that vacations pose for the families. At the same time in which the activities for the children take place, the parents are offered to attend workshops and seminars. Sometimes the parents join their kids in the excursions. The new joint experiences of parents with their children enrich the relationship, and provide renewed strength to meet the challenges of the daily struggles they face.