Each weekend the Yad LaLeyeled HaMeyuchad – "Lend a Hand to the Special Child" – Recreation Center at the Haifa Hostel named in memory of Carmela and Avraham Shabbat holds fun days for children with autism, other syndromes or severe intellectual disabilities. This recreation framework enables the parents to have time for errands, rest and to spend time with other family members like the siblings of the disabled children. This getaway enables the family to gather new energies to cope with the regular daily challenges.

The children are transported to the event by bus, provided by the association. They are accompanied by a large team of warm and affectionate volunteers from the time the children leave their homes until they return. Financial support is provided to families with economic difficulties. The association cooperates with the Ministry of welfare & Social Services, the department of rehabilitation and services for people with mental and/or developmental disabilities. Children recognized by this government department are entitled to subsidies covering the weekend getaways. The association advises and assists the recipient families how to submit the required forms in their respective municipality.