Also Netanel and Josef Deserve to Touch the Sky

News Written By admin News Written On א, 08/16/2015 - 10:59

On Monday, August 3rd, 2015 we from the Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad association took a group of special children, parents and the student-coaches who participate in the scholarship program to a day full of events and attractions in Eilat.

Early in the morning we took the Arkia flight to Eilat. The excitement reached a first peak when the aircraft took off. The kids rejoiced loudly and we as parents and the escorting team shared their joy.

After landing the pilot invited the children into the cockpit, so for the first time in their lives the kids could feel “like a pilot” in the cockpit.

In Eilat we visited the Dolphin Reef where we received with a lot of love, saw the feeding of the dolphins and a short training session of them with their trainers. The connection between the Kids and the dolphins was immediate. We could just relax and enjoy the quiet sea.

From there we went over to the King Solomon Hotel where we were warmly greeted and invited to a gracious lunch followed by children activities at the swimming pool. The children had a lot of fun, refreshed from the hot sunshine and socialised in group games.

The experience was great. We were deeply touched to see the happy children returning home with new impressions.

We already look forward to the next vacation!

We are very grateful and express many thanks to the ARKIA airline, to the King Solomon Hotel, to the Dolfin Reef of Eilat, to the Tlalim company, the Elad transport and the Zevet LaInyan Eilat Transport for their contributions and the wonderful service we received!