The Bar Mitzva Ceremony for Charming Abraham in Bet Shemesh

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The Bar Mitzva Ceremony for the charming Abraham

The charming Abraham reached the Bar Mitzva age and he also deserves to celebrate it.

One of the activities most liked by the team and the volunteers of the Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad association is the Bar Mitzva project. In this framework we accompany the young Bar Mitzva boy and his family during a lengthy period of combined thinking and of assistance in the implementation.

Last week we celebrated with Abraham in the city of Bet Shemesh (35 Km west of Jerusalem) his Bar Mitzva ascendance. It is called “Aliya” (ascendance) since the reading from the Thora scroll is symbolically considered as climbing up to adulthood. The very moving Bar Mitzva event was highlighted by the singer Asaf Shefer coming to exercise the prayer and to guide the ceremony with his unique voice.

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