Circle of Grace

"Circle of Grace"

A program, in which volunteers from across the country tutor a boy or a girl with special needs, in their residential area in regular weekly activities.

The activity takes place outside the child's home and lasts about two hours. During this time the child enjoys and spends time with the tutor and the parents get a chance to rest and relax, which is most important for them.

In the course of the year, a few days of fun and a trip for the tutors and the children in the project are conducted, as well as tutoring workshops and seminars where they receive training and practical tools from professionals.

Despite the relatively low cost, the project "Circle of Grace" leaves a mark over the years, thanks to the close ties that are made between the tutors and the child and it greatly contributes to the child's social development.

Special in Uniform is an innovative program that integrates youth with disabilities into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and helps prepare them for careers following army service.

The program was founded to give everyone a right to fulfill their potential and be accepted into society, regardless of any disability. Special in Uniform goes beyond the walls of IDF bases, helping its graduates integrate into the workforce and Israeli society in meaningful ways.

The Recreation and Rehabilitation Center in Haifa

The "Carmela and Avraham Shabat" Recreation Center was established in Haifa in early 2013 with the purpose of entertaining on site small recreational programs for children with special needs and for the purpose of imparting life skills; short recreational programs, which help both, the child and its family, which is very much in need of the timeout and the relaxation.

Every weekend a recreational program is held on site for children with autism or severe mental retardation; they are brought by transportation on behalf of the Association, accompanied by a large team of volunteers, who accompany them from the moment they leave their home and until their return, and embrace them with lots of warmth and love.

During the week families with special needs children are guests at the motel so as to get fresh air and regain strength; during the vacation time summer camps for dozens of children take place on site.

The center was established in a building that was allocated by the municipality and was renovated by the Association at the cost of NIS 1,500,000. The spacious building has 25 beds in 5 high-standard accommodation rooms, an activity room and a dining room, a new kitchen, a library; a Gymboree is under construction.

Alongside all these, there is a huge yard that includes a pergola covering an area of about 100 square meters, and an open area of about 200 square meters with lawns and recreational facilities. The place is easily accessible and approved by all relevant parties.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah

A unique project in the framework of which the Association conducts an exciting celebration for children with special needs, including those with more complex physical or mental conditions, together with family members and friends.

For the Bar Mitzvah groom, a celebration is arranged at the Western Wall, which involves the ritual of putting on phylacteries and being called up to read from the Torah, combined with creative solutions for dumb children.

For Bat Mitzvah brides, a festive party with singers and artists is organized – beyond what is done for a normal child.

Any such event causes great excitement to everyone, especially the family, and causes the boy or girl an indescribable joy.

In addition, as a result of the cooperation with the IDF, the Bar Mitzvah groom and the Bat Mitzvah bride take part in a "Journey to the sky" – an especially exciting event that includes a flight over the Masada, a lift to the historic site on the cable-railway and meal together with the soldiers.

The "REGESH" Treatment & Care Center

The REGESH Treatment & Care Center of Yad LaYeleled HaMeyuchad – "Lend a Hand to the Special Child" – at Beit Dagan was established in 2010 with the purpose to provide subsidized treatment to children with special needs children from disadvantaged families.

The center is manned by 15 staff members, among them a psychologist, a social worker, two occupational therapists, two speech therapists and more. The professional staff has a variety of therapeutic tools at their disposal, including arts , "Snoozylen" room, psychotherapy, psychodrama, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, music therapy, Gymboree, drawing, movement, animal care and gardening therapy.

Most patients are children, who live inside a home and come to the center after school to catch up and get ahead faster, depending on their individual situation.

The children's parents receive a variety of additional services: guidance and support, both personal and family based; information and referrals to professionals and services, which are available within the community (diagnosis and treatment services); support and information groups under the guidance of professionals and more.

At the beginning of 2014 the number of treatments at the center was 500 children per month, and 90% of them receive individual treatments.