Nature Watch

In July 2016 the new employment initiative – "Nature Watch" (Mishmar HaTeva) of the  "Yad LaYeled Hameyuchad" association was inaugurated in Nes Ziona.

Director of the association, Mendi Belinitzki, and the new "Nature Watch" team.




From right: The association Chairman Gen. res. G. Ophir, Vice-Chairman O. Helman, Nes Ziona Mayor Y. Shvo.



In August 2016 Liran was integrated in our employment program of "Nature Watch". In this program he is employed at the Sportech Park in Nes Ziona as a member of the team of "Nature Watch". He works in security and maintenance of the municipal park. Liran is an example of young people with disabilities who, thanks to the employment program, became independent, and supports himself with dignity and contributes to society.

Further employment examples which the association arranged for young people with special needs: Nature Watch Nes Ziona, Aroma Coffee Shop Rehovot, Idea company, Sheckem Company, Secutity Guard at Court House.