Parents Meetings


In coordination with the various municipal social services and welfare departments “Yad LaYeled Hameyuchad” conducts dozens of meetings of parents of children with special needs. They are provided with workshops and seminars with professional experts all over Israel. In these meetings, the parents may share their daily experiences and can consult with the lecturing experts. The challenges the families face are discussed in order to provide additional ideas of how to deal with them on a daily basis.

The goal of the program is to enhance the confidence of the family in the abilities of their children in order to enable the children to realize their potentials and talents. It provides the parents with up to date professional solutions to daily problems.

The group dynamics of the meetings and the social networking which takes place give the participants new strength to cope with their challenges back home. The parents also learn about the various facilities and services offered by the association.

The association learns a lot from these sessions and extends the scope of its services in accordance with the feedbacks received.