About The Center

In 2013, the association launched in the Haifa Hostel a center dedicated to provide weekend and short vacation recreations for children with special needs. Sometimes the events take place for the entire families. The complete facility was specially designed to be easily accessible also by wheelchairs. The city of Haifa allocated this building to the Yad LaYeled Hameyuchad association for this purpose. Thanks to the generous donation of Mr. Chezi Shabbat and his family, the deliberate renovation could be facilitated. Therefore the building is dedicated to Chezi’s parents Carmela and Avraham Shabbat Z”L (blessed be their memory). The cost of the project was over one million NIS.

The Hostel has now 5 fully furnished dormitory rooms with 25 beds, a larger room for social activities, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room and a library. A “Gymboree” in-house playground is under construction. Outside in the front yard of the building an open space playground of about 120 square yards with lawn, and a pergola which provides a pleasant sitting area. Parents and coaching volunteers can watch over the kids comfortably.